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Main working principle of cosmetic water treatment equipment

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According to the special requirements of cosmetics production water, the main working principles of pure water equipment and deionized water equipment can be roughly divided into four types.
First, the deionized water obtained by the anion exchange resin is generally passed, and the electrical conductivity of the effluent can be reduced to less than 10us/cm, and then the mixed bed can reach less than 1us/cm. However, the cost of water produced by this method is very high, and there are too many impurities in the granules. It has been less used at present.
Second: pretreatment (sand carbon filter + precision filter) + reverse osmosis + mixed bed process is the most used at present, because the investment cost of reverse osmosis is not high, can remove 90% of the water ions in the water, the rest of the ions can be removed through the mixed bed exchange, so that the conductivity of the effluent can be about 5-10us/cm. This is the most popular method at present.
Third kinds: two stage reverse osmosis: tap water, multi medium filter, active carbon filter, soft water softener, intermediate water tank, low pressure pump, precision filter, first order reverse osmosis, PH adjustment, mixer, two stage reverse osmosis (positive charge on surface of reverse osmosis membrane), pure water tank, pure water pump, micropore Filter - water point;
Fourth: pretreatment is the same as the second methods to use reverse osmosis, but the mixed bed used in the back is replaced by a EDI continuous desalting membrane block, so that the resin is not regenerated without acid and base, but it is regenerated by electricity. This completely pollutes the whole process, and the treated water can reach more than 15M.
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