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What is the difference between high speed dispersing machine, high speed emulsifying dispersing machine and high shearing disper

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After the mixture is heated and stirred in the water pot and the oil pan, the material is inhaled by the vacuum pump and the emulsification pot is inhaled by the vacuum pump. Through the center stirring in the upper part of the emulsified pot and the polytetrafluoroethylene scraper always caters to the shape of the stir frying pan, sweeping the wall of the wall material to produce the new boundary surface and then through the cutting of the blade and the rotary blade. It is broken, compressed and folded to mix and mix and flow downward to the homogenizer below the body of the pot, and the material is cut, impacted, and turbulence produced by the high speed rotating cutting wheel and the fixed cutting sleeve, and the material is cut in the shear seam and quickly broken into 200nm-2um particles, due to the emulsification pot. It is in a vacuum state, and the bubbles produced during the mixing process are promptly removed.
In the manufacturing process of high viscosity emulsifier, especially cream, ointment and emulsion, the most common problem is that the particle size of the dispersed phase is large and the air is mixed into the products when mixing. The large size of the particles leads to the instability and lack of luster in the emulsion, and the mixing of air in the products will make the products bubble, bacterial and oxidize. And the appearance is not smooth. In view of the two major problems, the ZJR series vacuum homogeneous emulsifying unit, which is composed of the characteristics of the homogeneous agitator, the mixing of the central blade and the scraping wall, is combined into the best mixing method to achieve the perfect mixture. In the process of vacuum pumping, the products are not mixed with bubbles in the process of mixing, so as to ensure the production of high quality products with good luster, fine and good ductility.
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