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Composition system of vacuum homogenizing emulsifier

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The vacuum homogenizing machine consists of slow mixing system, fast homogenizing system, heating / cooling system, upper cover lifting system, feeding and discharging system, and safety control system. At present, the automation level of emulsifying equipment on the market is higher and higher, which is more in line with the new production standards in the fields of cosmetics, food and pharmacy.
Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is widely used in the process of milk mixing, homogenization, comminution, suspension and dissolution, so it has an incomparable position in the production of cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.
As a high precision equipment, the vacuum homogenizing machine is also essential for maintenance and maintenance. The simplest and necessary step is to do well the cooling of the equipment. Before the operation of the equipment, the cooling water of mechanical seal must be connected first. The cooling water is shut down first and then the cooling water is cut off when the machine is stopped. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that it is not run under the condition of breaking the material. No idling will cause mechanical seals to burn out at high temperature or affect service life.
The homemade vacuum homogenizing machine has been able to compete with the advanced level of the world, and gradually occupy the competitive advantage in the domestic market. With the continuous development of domestic industrial production, the use range of vacuum homogenizing emulsifier will be further expanded.
The alliance machinery is a cosmetic manufacturer specializing in the development and production of a vacuum homogenizing machine, a full automatic filling machine, a flask machine and a RO reverse osmosis water treatment equipment. Welcome the cosmetics equipment profession and the cosmetics profession customer friend to come to my company inspection guidance.