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One Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment
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One Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

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Equipment Characteristics:
◆High degree of automatic operation,not require guarded by worker
◆Automatic stop when water fulled, automatic switch on when no water
◆Cleaning filter material by automatic timing control.
◆Microcomputer controller automatically flush the reverse osmosis membrane
◆Online adjust PH
◆Pure water conductivity online display, detect, if water unqualified will return to the original water tank and automatic alarms
◆This machine has memory function, so the production data can be scanned at any time.

Stable output water quality simple and convenient operation



Technical Parameters:

Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine:


Principle and Features:
The machine uses the principle of falling film evaporator tube, raw water is uniformly distributed through special cloth membrane fluidity in the wall, greatly improving the evaporation efficiency, and the use of special spiral separation device can reliably remove pyrogens and particles. Two steam repeated use, thermal energy into full play, with a significant energy saving effect, is an ideal hospital, pharmaceutical, electronics, research and other industries of distilled water equipment.
Technical Parameters of Multi Effect Distiller:


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