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Drum Drying Thickening Equipment

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Work Principle:
  This machine is a tank, the jacket can pass into the steam or thermal oil, within the bile heated by heat transfer to the interior wet material, wet material in the gasification of water, low-speed motor driven rotary body, the raw material is up and down, inside and outside the flip, replace the heating surface, while water vapor through the suction tube is continuously pumped vacuum to speed up the drying rate of materials, and ultimately achieve uniform drying purposes.
Main Purpose:
  This machine is suitable for chemical fiber industry, the heat-sensitive, low-temperature powder, granular material dehumidification drying.
◆Closed dry product without leakage, no pollution, suitable for intense irritation, drying harmful toxic materials;
◆Because it is vacuum-dried at lower temperatures have a higher rate of increase than the average drying rate 2 times, energy saving, high thermal efficiency, especially for heat-sensitive materials dry and easy oxide material;
◆Material mixed in a rotating drying, the material can be dried to a low moisture content, and good uniformity, suitable for different material requirements;
◆Compact equipment structure, small footprint, easy operation, reduce labor intensity, labor-saving.
Product Advantages:
The high energy efficiency equipment, energy-saving effect, to save energy, reduce costs, the device uses heated drum designed to be effective in all the wet material moisture vaporization, uniform drying, intelligent and efficient.

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