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continuous polymerization unit

Continuous three-kettle four-kettle five-kettle polymerization technology Polyester production technology
The continuous polymerization process has five kettles, four kettles and three kettles. The varieties involved are: great light, semi-extinction, full extinction, cationic dyeable (CDP, ECDP), film grade, bottle grade, low melting point, water solubility, flame retardant, etc. Domestic and foreign cooperative enterprises Hengli, Xinfengming, Ruifeng, Tongkun, etc.

Five-kettle process

Five-kettle polymerization process technology is a classic and reliable continuous polyester production technology, low temperature, low molar ratio process route, safe and reliable, stable production, good controllability, high capacity operation flexibility, high product quality.

Four-kettle process

  • Four-kettle polymerization technology is currently popular and advanced continuous polyester production technology. It is between three-kettle and five-kettle polymerization process. It is improved on the basis of five-kettle polymerization process, retaining the process characteristics of five-kettle low temperature and low molar ratio, shortening the process flow, reducing investment cost and production consumption.
  • The four-kettle polymerization process technology includes a number of patented technologies and unique technologies, such as unique squirrel cage stirring, vertical pre-condensation polymerization kettle, vapor-liquid phase heat medium sharing, etc.
  • In 2003, it successfully launched the unique four-kettle process continuous polyester technology suitable for mass production of differential polyester, the quality index is significantly improved compared with the intermittent method, and can achieve differential modified polyester fiber melt direct spinning, greatly reducing the production cost. It is the first in the world to create a "differentiated continuous polyester era", which has opened the way for many customers to enter the market segmentation field.

Two-kettle process

The two-kettle polymerization process technology is a new continuous polyester production process currently being developed by our company. The process makes full use of melt gravity flow and thermodynamic technology, and all adopts new technologies such as non-stirred reactor and full utilization of waste heat. The investment is more economical and the operating cost is lower, which will push the continuous polyester technology to the peak.