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Homogenizing mixer


Model:PMC Series
Brand: LINE
UseMass production of various washing products and liquid unit products
Features: Frame-type wall scraping stirring, Teflon scraper scraping wall
High Speed Shear Dispersion Internal Circulation Homogenizer, Single End Mechanical Seal
Movable and equipped control cabinet
Electric heating & steam heating optional, circulating water cooling
Can be customized according to the actual situation of customers design
Price:Please contact sales

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Product Description

Product Introduction

The liquid washing homogenizer is independently developed and designed by Yangzhou United Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. It is mainly suitable for the configuration of liquid detergent (detergent, shampoo, shower gel, hand sanitizer, etc.). It integrates the functions of stirring, homogenization, heating, cooling, pump discharge, defoaming (optional), etc. It is an ideal equipment for domestic and overseas manufacturers to configure washing products.

Product Application

Liquid washing stirring pot set stirring, heating/cooling, homogenization function in one, can produce shampoo, shower gel, detergent, liquid soap, and other liquid daily chemical products. Other liquid products can also be produced, such as waxes, hair removal creams, paints, etc. It consists of a main pot, a bracket and a control system.

Product display

Product Details

Stirring pot body:The pot body is made of three-layer stainless steel material, which minimizes the welding seam, and the heating medium fully wraps the inner pot body to fully heat the pot; Roof design:The top of the mixing pot adopts a semi-opening design, which is convenient for operators to feed and monitor. (can also be customized sealing type).
Homogeneous motor:ABB motor or Siemens motor. Homogenizing head:The advantages and disadvantages of the homogeneous function directly determine the quality of the product. Therefore, all homogenizers in our factory adopt German high-end technology homogeneous head, high-speed tooth shear, homogeneous emulsification, so that the product is more delicate and the gloss is higher. Homogeneous head with double mechanical seal, there are two end seals, if the first seal failure, the second seal can still be sealed to prevent leakage.
Mixing system:Single frame stirring, with Teflon scraper blade, scrape the wall to reduce material sticking to the pan when stirring. Fixed paddle diversion, to ensure that the material will not form a vortex, mixing more fully and thoroughly. Control system:Button control electric box: low cost, later maintenance and repair more convenient, the quality of the operator requirements are correspondingly lower. PLC control electric box: higher integration, more clear and convenient operation control, appearance looks more high-end. And according to the customer's needs, the input production process formula, in the subsequent production process can be called at any time.
Bottom design:The bottom is equipped with homogeneous motor, heating rod (electric heating), contact temperature probe and discharge port. Electrical components:In order to ensure the performance of the equipment, the company uses high-quality electrical components, France Schneider, Taiwan Delta, Delixi and so on.

Product Case

large cosmetics group company
A large foreign pharmaceutical group customer
A large washing and protecting factory
A large toothpaste manufacturer

Manufacturer strength

Factory direct supply
◆ Source factory production, fast and stable supply
◆ 20000 ㎡ workshop scale, quality production, integration from product research and development to finished product sales, reducing middlemen links; With automated production equipment, strict implementation of production standards for production, sufficient production capacity, not only to ensure reliable quality, but also to complete production delivery on time.
technological innovation
◆ Deep technical team, focusing on product innovation
◆Has its own R & D team, full-time R & D engineers, electrical engineers, workshop technical engineers, more than 40 years of focus on technology research and development and innovation; has a number of invention patent certifications, technology upgrades keep pace with the times, continuously optimize product production, improve product quality, and also Provide customers with more intimate and accurate product customization services.
Reliable quality
◆ Full quality tracking, strict quality control factory
The use of high quality materials production, strict control of each process, the product has been functional, safety and other tests, equipment stable operation, long service life, low failure rate, effectively save the cost of enterprises. Products through the national iso9001 certification, 3C certification, CE certification and a large number of domestic and foreign quality certification system, factory products can assist customers to carry out third-party testing.
Brand accumulation
◆ Rich experience accumulation, brand reputation
For cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy manufacturers to provide mechanical equipment design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, technical improvement support, technical consultants and other services. With rich experience in equipment manufacturing and engineering construction, reliable quality and good results, we provide R & D and manufacturing services for more than 1,000 customers.

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