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Homogeneous emulsifying machine pressure gauge selection and use of matters needing attention

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1, accordingHomogenizing emulsifying machineThe use of pressure gauges can be divided into ordinary pressure gauges, ammonia pressure gauges, oxygen pressure gauges, hydrogen pressure gauges, electric contact pressure gauges, remote pressure gauges, vibration pressure gauges, pressure gauges with inspection pointers, double-needle double-tube or double-needle single-tube pressure gauges, digital display pressure gauges, digital precision pressure gauges, etc. DueHomogenizing emulsifying machineIn the reaction medium is different, that is, the measured medium is different, in order to safety and work needs according to the measured medium is different, the pressure gauge should have the specified color code, and indicate the name of the special medium, such as the oxygen meter must be marked with redForbidden oilWords, hydrogen with dark green under the horizontal line color code, ammonia with yellow under the horizontal line color code, etc.
2, whenHomogenizing emulsifying machineWhen used to measure special media such as viscous or strong pH, diaphragm pressure gauge, stainless steel spring tube, stainless steel movement, stainless steel shell or bakelite shell should be selected.
3,Homogenizing emulsifying machineWhen the material is different, the pressure gauge used is also different. SuchHomogenizing emulsifying machine, using ordinary stainless steel pressure gauge. And titaniumHomogenizing emulsifying machineThe titanium pressure gauge is used.
4,Homogenizing emulsifying machineDifferent pressure gauges in the installation position should also be distinguished accordingly. If the pressure gauge is directly installed on the pipeline, the pressure gauge without edge should be selected; when installed against the wall, the pressure gauge with edge should be selected.Homogenizing emulsifying machinePressure gauge; When used for direct measurement of gas, a pressure gauge with a safety hole behind the case should be selected; for the consideration of pressure measurement position and easy observation and management, the size of the case diameter should be considered.