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About the introduction of homogeneous emulsifying machine and the introduction of the scope of use

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Today, let's take a look at what isHomogenizing emulsifying machineAnd the scope of its use. Homogenizing emulsifying machineThe role is to dissolve one or more materials (water-soluble solid phase, liquid phase or jelly, etc.) in another liquid phase and hydrate it into a relatively stable emulsion. Widely used in edible oils, powder, sugars and other raw materials emulsified mixing, some coatings, paint emulsification dispersion also usedHomogenizing emulsifying machineEspecially suitable for some difficult sol-like additives such.CMC, xanthan gum, etc.Homogenizing emulsifying machineIt is suitable for the production of cosmetics, medicine, food, chemistry, dyeing, printing ink and other industrial products, especially for the matrix viscosity, solid content ratio Higher material preparation emulsification is more effective.(1) Cosmetic industrial products: creams, lotions, lipstick, shampoos, etc. (2) Pharmaceutical industrial products: ointment, syrup, eye medicine, anti-biomass, etc. (3) Food industrial products: jam, cream, margarine, etc. (4) Chemical industrial products: chemicals, synthetic adhesives, etc. (5) Dyeing industrial products: pigments, titanium oxide, etc. (6) Printing ink: color ink, resin ink, newspaper ink, etc. (7) other: pigments, waxes, coatings, etc. I believe that through the above introduction, we have already known what isHomogenizing emulsifying machineAs well as its scope of use to understand it.