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Cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machine should be satisfied to carry out green packaging for the search

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  Cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineAll kinds of paste, paste, viscosity fluid and other materials can be smoothly and accurately injected into the hose, and then the heating, sealing, batch number and production date of hot air in the tube can be completed.Cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineWidely used in medicine, food, cosmetics, daily chemical products and other professional large diameter plastic pipe, composite tube filling and sealing, is the ambition of useful, economical filling equipment.

Stepper motor inCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineThe use:

1. Operation process: pipe bin (hose container) → automatic pipe loading → identification of calibration position → internal cleaning of hose (option) → filling → tail hot melting → pressing and sealing, typing code → hose positioning → shearing → finished product discharge.

2, the principle of operation, the selection of PLC program control. Automatic tube loading, color code positioning, air cleaning of the inner space of the tube, filling of the injection nozzle deepening tube, hot gas heating of the inner wall of the tube tail, cooling of the outer wall of the tube tail (drainage circulation of the refrigerating machine), hot melt pressing and typing codes, tail cutting, and finished product discharge. The parameters are digitized. InCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machinein,The key step of zui is the positioning of the hose.

  Cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineProtection and maintenance:

1. Add oil to all rolling parts before starting up every day.

2. Cleaning: It is necessary to turn off the main power supply and air compressor when disassembling the machine for cleaning; The removed seals and screws should be placed in the same place and cannot be placed on the machine table. During cleaning, the parts should not be bumped. Be very careful to stop hitting the filling valve and the device with sundries on the filling valve with hard iron tools to avoid jamming and opening the machine.

3. Maintenance: Add butter with a butter gun at least once a week for all grease nozzles. Scrub the appearance of the machine every day, prohibit materials from falling into the mold cup, and clean immediately if they fall into it to keep the machine clean and beautiful.

Green and sustainable development is the policy of the filling and sealing machine profession, and more functions will be set in the area, such as humidity,fresh,temperature, visualization, etc. In the long run,Cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineShould be satisfied with the development of green packaging for the search, to help more occupations to complete the green food,Antibacterial, sterilization, deodorization and other guidelines. Enterprises should open up timely and flexible means of production of diversified commodity supply for shopping malls, and at the same time, they should continue to explore and speed up their own technological innovation according to the actual needs of reasonable and simplified packaging and superior packaging technology.