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Failure Maintenance and Precautions of Stainless Steel Storage Tank

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Stainless steel storage tankFailure in use is generally related to operation. We are operatingStainless steel storage tankYou can refer to the following points:

(1) Clean,Stainless steel storage tankLike all equipment, the pump body must be cleaned before use;
2, reverse, many devices are particularly sensitive to reverse, reverse is likely to cause the motor to burn,Stainless steel storage tankIt is a device that is particularly sensitive to reversal, so special attention must be paid when using it.Stainless steel storage tankreversal;
(3) Operation,Stainless steel storage tankDry powder, small solids and small lumps of materials are not allowed to enter the pump directly during operation,Stainless steel storage tankEmulsified materials must be fluid, and solids will makeStainless steel storage tankStator and rotor stuck, resulting in the burning of the motor;
4. Leakage,Stainless steel storage tankDuring normal operation, it is necessary to observe whether there is material leakage in the pump body. If there is leakage, stop it.Stainless steel storage tankoperation, and check and adjust the sealing device;
5. Idling. Idling is an operation that is particularly easy to cause equipment failure, so remember that if the equipment can be idling, do not let the equipment idling;
6, the noise,Stainless steel storage tankIf abnormal sound occurs during use, shut down and carefully troubleshoot.