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Accessories and function of stainless steel storage tank

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1. manhole. Horizontal buried oil tank or repair oil tank personnel enter and exit and ventilation exhaust, its diameter is about 700mm, usually manhole cover plate is installed with oil measuring hole, vent pipe, oil inlet and outlet pipeline and other oil tank accessories, manhole above there is no manhole operation and protection.
2. Oil measuring hole. Used for measurement, sampling and observation. An oil measuring groove made of aluminum alloy is provided to avoid sparks when the ruler is dropped. A sealing groove is provided under the hole cover and an oil-resistant rubber gasket is embedded to seal and prevent cremation due to collision when the hole cover is closed. Some oil measuring holes are in the form of steel pipe sleeve copper cap (cover), which is mainly sealed by the weight of the copper cover and the gasket.
3. Ventilation hole (breathing tube). It is used to suck in air when the oil vapor in the oil receiving and unloading tank is discharged from the tank and when the oil is filled.
4. Gas barrier cap. It is the supporting equipment of the oil tank of the gas station, installed on the top of the tank ventilation. When the oil tank conveys oil to the outside, the air is sucked in through the corrugated plate and the fire source is prevented from passing through.
5, and the door bottom valve. Also known as one-way valve or check valve, it is installed at the outlet of the oil pipe in the oil tank and should not be less than 0.15mm from the bottom of the tank to prevent oil from flowing back into the oil tank from the pipeline and the tanker.
6. Joint. The automobile adopts a closed oil unloading method, and the connection between the oil unloading pipe and the oil inlet adopts a sealed joint. The connector is the hose connector at both ends. The oil product is discharged from the oil tank truck into the oil tank through the oil unloading pipe joint. Can reduce oil and gas play, reduce air pollution.
7. Emergency shut-off valve. It is a valve used in conjunction with the submersible pump and is installed on the bottom pipeline of the gas station.