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The basic properties of homogeneous emulsifying machine emulsion

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The basic properties of emulsions are particle size, rheology and interfacial potential. The size of the emulsion droplet size can be expressed by the relative average droplet diameter, and the droplet size distribution corresponding to the cumulative volume fraction of different droplets can also be used to evaluate the emulsion droplet size distribution. At low concentrations, the viscosity of the emulsion is mainly determined by the dispersion medium, and is related to the size and distribution of the emulsion droplets, the fluidity of the interfacial film formed by the emulsifier and the charge. The viscosity of the emulsion can be used as an evaluation index of its stability. The larger the droplet size of the emulsion dispersion phase, the larger the shear rate, the smaller the viscosity, and the worse the stability. When the droplets of the emulsion are charged due to ionization, adsorption and friction, they will move in the electric field, and the charge on the surface will form an electric double layer structure.
Emulsion can be divided into oil-in-water(O/W), water-in-oil (W/O) and multiple emulsions. The emulsion with internal phase being water and external phase being oil is W/O emulsion; the emulsion with internal phase being oil and external phase being water is O/W emulsion. There are also two types of multiple emulsions, namely, W/O/W type and O/W/O type. The W/O/W type is that an oil phase containing dispersed water droplets is suspended in an aqueous phase, and the O/W/O type is that an aqueous phase containing dispersed oil droplets is suspended in an oil phase. Multiple emulsions were discovered as early as 1925, but their application was not studied until 1965.