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Emulsion pot fault maintenance and matters needing attention

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Emulsifying potAlso known as pipeline typeEmulsifying potIt is a high-performance emulsification equipment for continuous production or recycling of fine materials in production.Emulsifying potIt can disperse, shear and emulsify materials in a very short time. In production, dueEmulsifying potAging wear or improper operation, prone to failure, encounteredEmulsifying potIn case of failure, the following methods can be referred to for inspection and maintenance.

1,Emulsifying potIf it is found that there is no pressure or the pressure cannot be adjusted after starting, the factors to be considered are: the middle and lower orifices of the pilot valve are blocked; The main valve or pilot valve of the unloading valve is stuck and damaged; The sealing ring at the thrust piston is damaged and other factors. The solution is to unblock, repair, and replace objects according to the problem.
 2、Emulsifying potIf the pressure pulsation is large, the flow rate is insufficient or there is no flow rate, the pipeline is vibrating and the noise is serious, then the factors to be considered are: the air in the suction chamber of the pump is not drained; At the plunger sealing ring, air is aspirated; The suction pipe is too slender and bent, the suction valve spring is broken or the valve core is damaged, the suction valve screw plug is not tightened, and the suction filter of the liquid tank is blocked. The solution is to loosen the bleed screw of the pump body to exhaust the air. Take out the drain valve and fill the plunger cavity with liquid. Replace the suction hose or eliminate the dead bend., replace the spring or replace the valve core; tighten the suction valve screw plug; clean the suction filter of the liquid tank.
 3、Emulsifying potIf there is an impact sound during operation, it may be due to the increase of the bearing gap; there are sundries inside the pump body; there is a gap between the plunger and the pressure block. The solution is to replace the bearing bush; clear the debris; adjust the motor and pump to make them coaxial; tighten the screw sleeve.
 4、Emulsifying potExcessive temperature of the box may be due to damage to the bearing bush, insufficient lubricating oil or unqualified lubricating oil. Solutions include refueling or cleaning the oil pool, changing the oil; repairing the crankshaft and replacing the bearing bush.