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Stainless steel reactor A cylindrical reactor with low height-to-diameter ratio

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Stainless steel reaction kettleA cylindrical reactor with a low height-to-diameter ratio is used to realize a liquid phase single-phase reaction process and a liquid-liquid, gas-liquid, liquid-solid, gas-liquid-solid and other multi-phase reaction processes. There is always stirring in the machine.(mechanical stirring, air stirring, etc.) device. When the height-diameter ratio is large, multi-layer stirring blades can be used. When the material needs to be heated or cooled during the reaction, a jacket can be set at the reactor wall, or a replacement hot surface can be set in the reactor, or heat exchange can be carried out through external circulation.

Stainless steel reaction kettleIs a kind of reaction equipment, in the operation must pay attention to, otherwise it will be damaged for many reasons, resulting in production was forced to stop.Stainless steel reaction kettleThe operation should pay attention to many aspects. First of all, we must strictly follow the rules and regulations to operateStainless steel reaction kettle. Secondly, before operation, carefully check whether there is any abnormality. During normal operation, do not open the upper cover and touch the connection terminals on the board to avoid electric shock. It is strictly prohibited to operate under pressure; During the pressure test with nitrogen, carefully observe the change of pressure gauge to reach the pressure test, and immediately close the nitrogen valve switch; The heating speed should not be too fast, and the pressurization should also be carried out slowly, especially the stirring speed is allowed to increase slowly. Finally, when the kettle body is heated to a higher temperature, do not contact with the kettle body to avoid scalding; the temperature should be cooled first after the experiment. Do not cool quickly to prevent damage caused by excessive temperature difference and pressure. At the same time to timely unplug the power supply. SimultaneouslyStainless steel reaction kettlePay attention to maintenance after use, soStainless steel reaction kettleIn order to have a better service life.