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The geometric dimensions of the stainless steel tank parts after forming do not meet the requirements

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During the processing and molding of stainless steel storage tank components, deformation occurs due to improper operation or non-standard mold: the demoulding temperature of the hot forming wind head is required. If the temperature is still high, premature demoulding will lead to large shrinkage of the head, and in severe cases, its geometric size can exceed the standard. The container parts made by mechanical roller or pressed are deformed due to improper operation. The mold design is ill-considered or wrong, the geometric dimensions of the formed stainless steel tank parts do not meet the requirements. The main measures are: 
1. The molding operation is carried out strictly according to the process requirements.
2, with the inspection template strictly control the shape of the workpiece.
3. On the basis of the theoretical size and shape of the processed parts, the mold design considers the changes that occur during and after the processing of stainless steel storage tank parts. The cold forming mold should consider the springback of the molded parts, and the hot forming mold should consider the shrinkage of the molded parts after cooling.