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A brief description of the use of cosmetic equipment sealing machine sealing

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Now the market with plastic film materials as packaging products are mostly usedCosmetic equipment sealing machineSealed. In the past, the joint was based on the principle of solvent or electric heating. However, these methods have very low power and unambitious appearance. The joint surface of the hose is also briefly aged, which makes the defective rate of the product increase and is harmful to human health. This problem has been a major problem for the packaging profession for a long time,Cosmetic equipment sealing machineThe emergence.

With the continuous sophistication of ultrasonic skills, its use is becoming more and more extensive. InCosmetic equipment sealing machineIt is also reflected. UltrasonicCosmetic equipment sealing machineIt is through the machine that the frequency of electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy through the converter, and is transmitted to the hose workpiece through the east and west heads20khz (kilohertz) and a certain amplitude, so that the joint surface of the hose workpiece violent conflict (conflict heat), so that the hose ablation instant end gluing process. UltrasonicCosmetic equipment sealing machineUsing electronic program control, the degree of initiative is very high, simple operation.

Because it is a product with a relatively high degree of initiative, it is also normal to have problems. So how to repair when the problem comes.

The metal hose is manually pierced into the tube seat of the indexing plate, and the mechanical transmission is used for active indexing and photoelectric detection. It is admitted that the beginning of the tube is actively metered and poured into the tube, then the tail is sealed in two directions and the finished product is withdrawn.

  Cosmetic equipment sealing machineIt is a new type of equipment developed for small-dose aluminum-plastic composite pipes and all-plastic pipe ointment products. The machine improves the accuracy of each part of the function, ensures the quality of the seal, and gives some useful new functions,Zui can only produce 120 sticks per minute.

  Cosmetic equipment sealing machineFeatures:

1. The machine is intuitive and convenient to operate, with accurate loading. And no dripping.

2. Frequency conversion speed regulation, adjustable production speed, active counting, active color code, active on the tube.

3. The machine has simple structure, stable function, convenient protection and maintenance.

4. Sealed hopper, active feeding.