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Application range of high shear homogenization emulsifying machine:

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It is applied to any process that requires stirring, homogenization, crushing, suspension and dissolution in cosmetic emulsions or mucilage. As follows:
Mixing: syrup, shampoo, washing liquid, juice concentrate, yogurt, dessert, mixed dairy products, ink, enamel.
Dispersion mixing: methylcellulose dissolution, colloid dissolution, carbide dissolution, oil-water emulsification, pre-mixing, seasoning production, stabilizer dissolution, smoke, salt, alumina, pesticides.
Dispersion: preparation and depolymerization of suspension, pill coating, drug depolymerization, paint dispersion, lipstick, vegetable puree, mustard mixture, catalyst, matting agent, metal, pigment, modified asphalt, nano material.
Emulsification: medicine emulsion, ointment, cream, mask, cream, emulsion essence, oil-water emulsion,Homogenizing emulsifying machineAsphalt, resin emulsion, wax emulsion, waterborne polyurethane emulsion, pesticide.
Homogenization: medicine lotion, ointment, cream, mask, cream, tissue homogenate, dairy product homogenization, juice, printing ink, jam