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What is the main function of vacuum emulsifying machine emulsification

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vacuum emulsifying machineThe process of dispersing one liquid into a second immiscible liquid. The largest class of emulsifiers are soaps, detergent powders and other compounds whose basic structure is an alkane chain terminated by a polar group. In the human body bile can emulsify fat to form smaller fat particles.
If one of the two incompatible liquids is evenly dispersed into very fine droplets in another liquid, an emulsion is formed. For example, mixing oil and water can make the oil become fine oil droplets evenly dispersed in the water, but this system is very unstable and can be stratified after a while. To obtain a stable emulsion must be added emulsifiers, emulsifiers are mostly surface active substances. The strongly polar groups with an affinity for water in the composition of the surface-active substance are oriented towards water, while the weakly polar lipophilic groups are oriented towards oil. In this way, a protective film with a certain mechanical strength is formed around the oil droplets or water droplets, which hinders the mutual combination and cohesion of the dispersed oil droplets or water droplets and makes the emulsion more stable. This effect of forming a stable emulsion due to the addition of surface-active substances is called emulsification.