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Emulsifying pot can be used for continuous emulsification or dispersion of multiphase liquid medium

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 Emulsifying potThe pump body is mainly composed of the outside of the pump chamber and the inside of the pump chamber,Emulsifying potThe main material used outside the pump cavity is stainless steel.SS316 products, such material wear-resistant, not easy to rust.Emulsifying potThe structure inside the pump chamber is also made of stainless steel, and it is more corrosive and wear-resistant than the outside. So as to better subdivide some oxidizing liquids, without causingEmulsifying potThe pump body is damaged.
   Emulsifying potIt can be used for continuous emulsification or dispersion of multi-phase liquid medium, and at the same time, it plays a role in conveying low viscosity liquid medium. Can also achieve powder, liquid in proportion to continuous mixing. Widely used in daily chemical, food, medicine, chemical, petroleum, paint, nano materials and other fields.