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Homogeneous emulsifying machine emulsion

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The characteristics of raw materials include the type of raw materials, the soft water of raw materials, and the charging order of raw materials. The operation characteristics include the method of adding and mixing the raw materials, the emulsification temperature, and the emulsification time. The mechanical characteristics include the type of the emulsifying device, the stirring speed of the device, the shape and diameter of the stirring rotating blade, and the like.
Raw material characteristics
Proper emulsifier solution ratio is the premise of forming a stable pre-emulsion.
The monomer should be added gradually or in batches to the emulsifier solution being stirred. If the monomer is added at one time, the concentration of local monomer droplets will be too large to form a stable system.
The order of addition of various monomers is generally irreversible, and the principle is to add the order of the strength of the soft water.
Operating characteristics
The temperature of the system in the pre-emulsification process is generallyAbove 10 ℃, the temperature is too low, although the formation of pre-emulsion is relatively more stable, but the required emulsification time is longer.
After the monomer is added, it should be emulsified for a period of time (usually 30 minutes) before use. In industrial production, in order to save energy, the emulsification time should be adjusted appropriately according to the stability of the pre-emulsion, and the stirring should be stopped immediately once the requirements are met.
Mechanical characteristics
Pre-emulsification operation is generally dedicated.Homogenizing emulsifying machineFor stirring, the shape and diameter of its stirring rotating blade are in line with the requirements of pre-emulsification. In the laboratory conditions do not allow the use of ordinary mixing machine instead, but the user needs to have strong practical experience.
The stirring during pre-emulsification should be slowly accelerated at the beginning, because the interfacial tension gradient is very important for the formation of pre-emulsion and is also one of the important functions of emulsifier. If the film formed by emulsifier is stretched at a lower speed, the droplet formation is relatively easy. AndHomogenizing emulsifying machineThe maximum stirring speed of pre-emulsification should not be too high, because the monomer dispersion is too fine, its surface free energy is high, resulting in unstable system, and easy to produce foam, affecting the polymerization reaction.