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Homogeneous emulsifying machine maintenance

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Homogeneous emulsifying machine maintenance method: 
1. After the production is completed, the emulsifying machine must be cleaned, so as to maintain the working efficiency of the stator and the rotor and play a role in protecting the sealing of the emulsifying machine. If necessary, a set of cleaning circulation device is designed and installed near the periphery.

2. After the emulsifying machine confirms that the machine seal cooling water is connected, start the motor. It is repeatedly required that the steering of the motor should be consistent with the steering mark of the main shaft before it can operate. Reverse rotation is strictly prohibited!

3. If liquid leakage is found at the shaft during operation, the pressure of the machine seal must be adjusted after shutdown.

According to the different media used by the user, the import and export filters must be cleaned regularly to avoid reducing the amount of feed and affecting production efficiency. The materials entering the working cavity must be fluid, and dry powder materials and agglomerates are not allowed to enter the machine directly, otherwise, the machine will be stuffy and the emulsifying machine will be damaged.

5, it is strictly prohibited to metal chips or hard and difficult to break debris into the emulsifying machine working cavity, so as not to cause the work of the stator, rotor and equipment destructive damage.

6. Before making the emulsifying machine, corresponding safe production operation procedures should be formulated to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. In the electrical control system, users should set up a safety protection system and have a good and reliable electrical motor grounding device.

7, emulsifying machine need to regularly check the stator, rotor, found that wear is too large, should be timely replacement of the corresponding parts to ensure the dispersion, emulsification effect.

When using the emulsifier, the liquid material must be continuously input or kept in a certain amount in the container. Should avoid empty machine operation, so as to avoid the material in the work of high temperature or crystallization and solidification and damage to the equipment!

9, emulsifying machine in the course of operation in the event of abnormal sound or other failure, should immediately stop inspection, to be removed after the operation. The working chamber and stator and rotor shall be cleaned after shutdown.