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Explanation of toothpaste hose cosmetics equipment filling and sealing machine to achieve a multi-purpose machine

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toothpaste hoseCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineThe commissioning of the equipment is related to its normal operation, the commissioning of the equipment can be found in a timely manner in the process of its operation of the abnormal phenomenon, and in* Always analyze and deal with these phenomena, and zui will eventually ensure the normal and safe operation of the equipment. toothpaste hoseCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineIt needs manual management, and other processes are completed in an active way,(Operation flow: manual tube loading → identification of calibration position → filling detection quantity control [hose internal cleaning (option)]→ filling → heating → flat tail → clamping tail all tails → printing code → product output). The equipment can fill the inside of the hose with materials such as ointment, cream, gel or viscosity fluid, and then heat the tail of the hose or fold the tail and print the code to produce products. Packaging and filling materials.

toothpaste hoseCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineThe design is very simple, the end of one machine is multi-purpose, can be filled with folding or tail sealing different requirements of plastic pipes, aluminum pipes, lead pipes, composite pipes take the initiative to complete the supply pipe, marking, hose internal cleaning, filling, tail sealing(Hanging), coding, servo control for product export, operation data and conditioning are displayed on the touch mode display screen, direct operation, accurate metering, three-layer instantaneous heater on the inner wall of the tube, non-destructive adhesive film on the outer wall of the tube, beautiful tail sealing, no tube and no filling, active display and alarm at low air pressure, active shutdown when the supply tube is not in place or the protective door is opened. Dongtai brand toothpaste hoseCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineIt is our function.Zui good equipment, shopping malls throughout the country, and with the improvement of equipment quality, foreign trade shopping malls are being opened step by step. At present, plastic hoses are mostly used for toothpaste in shopping malls, and some ointments are also made of plastic hoses. For the sealing of plastic hoses, we can choose toothpaste hoses commonly used by zui in shopping malls.Cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machine. Jinan DongtaiCosmetic equipment sealing machineManufacturers of toothpaste hoseCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineThe development of the production has invested a lot of time and money, the quality of the equipment is completely reliable, you can rest assured to buy.!

toothpaste hoseCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineThe structure is compact, the active upper tube and the transmission part are fully enclosed. The machine speed can be controlled and adjusted by a frequency converter. Rotary table height adjustment is directly convenient. Intelligent temperature control and cooling system, so that the operation is simple and the tail is firm. The pneumatic method is used to finish the supply pipe and the washing pipe, and the action is accurate and reliable. The rotary hose mold is equipped with an electric eye control hose center positioning device, which uses photoelectric induction to complete active positioning. The adjustment and disassembly are simple, especially suitable for users who produce multi-standard large-diameter hoses, and the adjustment is convenient and quick. Material touch part selection316L stainless steel production, clean, hygienic, thoroughly in line with GMP standards. The filling volume of the hose can be adjusted by the conditioning hand wheel, which is convenient and quick. Equipped with safety equipment, open the door to stop, no tube not filling, overload maintenance.

toothpaste hoseCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineIt is a general-purpose model for surface and inside heating., such. Plastic hose, aluminum-plastic composite, aluminum tube universal, completely in line with GMP requirements. The whole process of supply, washing, marking, filling, sealing, coding and production is completed by the full active control system. The machine has compact structure, active upper tube, fully enclosed transmission part, and is equipped with quantity memory and quantitative shutdown equipment.

Operation process: warehouse(hose container) → active tube loading → identification of calibration position → filling detection quantity control [hose internal cleaning (option)]→ filling → flat tail → (for products that need to be folded: fold 180 ° once → fold 180 ° again → saddle fold) → tail sealing → tail shaping → print code → product discharge.

toothpaste hoseCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machinePaste materials are also very common in people's days, touching all aspects of the day. Because these paste materials are different from other solids or liquids, special machines are required to cooperate in their production. In so many filling production enterprises, many enterprises have touched the pasteCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineThe purpose of their development and sale is to cooperate with the functions of the products well. Then the application in shopping malls is their development principle, as long as they can satisfy the production demand at that time.Cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineIt iszui good equipment. To catch such a demand point, the development of the enterprise has a direction and goal, that is, to facilitate production as much as possible and provide assistance for the use of customers. This is actually the case, toothpaste hoseCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineCommon advantages give it endless opportunities to develop.