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Can not monitor the amount of stainless steel reactor material online

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   Stainless steel reaction kettleThe material quantity measuring device containsStainless steel reaction kettleInsideGamma radiation source, upper and lower detectors, the detector is followed by a signal processing part and a control transformation part, and finally by the output of a proportional to the upper and lower detector count product of the current signal to characterize the amount of material in the kettle, the device solves the problem of not being able to monitor online under supercritical conditions.Stainless steel reaction kettleThe problem of material volume and continuous production. The shear reflux device includes a pressure pump, an extrusion mixing pump and a shear pump. The extrusion mixing pump includes an inner tube, an outer tube, a main shaft and a mixing plate. The outer tube and the inner tube form a hollow jacket. The main shaft is fixedly connected to the inner tube through a bracket. The main shaft is fixed with an inclined mixing plate. The shear pump includes an upper cover, an upper seat plate, a lower cover and a lower seat plate, the lower seat plate is provided with a discharge hole and connected with the lower cover, and the pin shaft fixed on the lower seat plate is arranged in the material hole of the upper seat plate. The inlet end of the pressure pump is connected toStainless steel reaction kettleThe bottom of the pressure pump is connected to the bottom of the extrusion mixing pump, the upper part of the extrusion mixing pump is connected to the upper cover feed port of the shear pump, and the lower cover discharge port of the shear pump is locatedStainless steel reaction kettleThe top.