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Stainless steel reaction kettle stirrer is suitable for stirring or heating stirring at the same time

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Stainless steel reaction kettleThe stirrer is suitable for stirring or heating and stirring at the same time, suitable for the viscosity of the size of the liquid or solid-liquid mixture, gas stirrer typeThere are mainly the following:
① Rotary paddle stirrer
By2~3 pieces of propeller blades, the working speed is higher, the peripheral speed of the outer edge of the blade is generally 5~15 m/s. Rotary paddle stirrer mainly causes axial flow, resulting in a large circulation, suitable for stirring low viscosity (<2Pa · s) liquid, emulsion and solid particle content of less than 10% of the suspension. The rotating shaft of the agitator can also be inserted into the groove horizontally or obliquely. At this time, the circulation loop of the liquid flow is asymmetrical, which can increase turbulence and prevent the liquid surface from sinking.
② Turbine agitator
by mounting on a horizontal disc2~4 flat or curved blades. The ratio of the outer diameter, width and height of the blade is generally 20:5:4, and the peripheral speed is generally 3~8 m/s. The turbine creates a highly turbulent radial flow during rotation and is suitable for the dispersion and liquid-liquid phase reaction processes of gases and immiscible liquids. The viscosity of the stirred liquid generally does not exceed 25Pa · s.