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The working principle of vacuum emulsifying machine

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   vacuum emulsifying machineNormal Use Homogenizationvacuum emulsifying machineYou must know its working principle. The principle is that it is composed of a pair of groups or several groups of high-speed rotating rotors and stators. The high-speed rotating rotors suck materials into the rotor area from the bottom of the container and bear strong mixing and shearing action. The materials are forced to pass through the precisely matched gap between the stator and the rotor and then thrown out of the stator hole. In this process, they bear severe mechanical and liquid shearing action, the particles are torn and crushed and destroyed. At the same time, new materials are sucked into the center of the rotor. The pushed materials change direction on the wall surface of the container and then enter the rotor area to bear the shearing action, so that the materials are completely refined, homogenized and dispersed, and the best shearing effect is achieved. It is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment before no liquid flows into the body to avoid damage to the mechanical seal.