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Vacuum emulsifying machine is speeding up the mixer industrial grade

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The seat cushion is stable and fixed with anchor bolts. The future operation and maintenance space should be considered during installation. Micro special motor, speed digital display, stepless speed regulation. During the whole installation and construction process, foreign matters are strictly prohibited from entering the high shear area of stator and rotor.

Experts say that many users choose the original vertical cone mixing equipment in the sea in terms of powder and powder mixing equipment, but experts suggest that because the vertical cone mixer has many shortcomings and high maintenance rate, it is used in powder./When mixing powder or granular materials, a horizontal mixer should be selected. This equipment has high mixing efficiency, good mixing quality, short unloading time, and less residue.

This kind of equipment is usually installed at the bottom of the reactor or pipeline, the material enters from the feed port, after high-speed shearing, from the discharge port, can be continuously manipulated, can also be used for cycle reciprocating process.

Development of Mixer Market Vision,vacuum emulsifying machineTo speed up the mixer industry, it is necessary to actively promote the establishment and improvement of the technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, strengthen the integrated innovation ability of enterprises on the basis of digestion and absorption, increase the development effort and capital investment, take innovation as the drive, constantly move closer to improving the advanced technology, and promote the development of the whole hybrid machinery industry, so as to promote the benign cycle of the industry.

For materials with poor activity, it is recommended to use a pump with a matching flow rate at the feed inlet.Mixer is a machine that uses mechanical force and gravity to mix two or more materials on average. This machine can adjust the mixing host back and forth and up and down on the supporting fixed frame according to the needs of the experiment.