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What are the configurations of the dispersed emulsifying pot

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DispersionEmulsifying potThe structure is mainly composed of a tank body, a tank cover, a motor, a shaft seal, a transmission device, a dispersion plate, etc. It is used for dispersing, stirring, emulsifying, grinding, mixing, crushing and other operations of materials, and can process materials in a short time. The production efficiency is very high. Dispersed in customEmulsifying potAt that time, customers need to do a lot of preparatory work, because scatteredEmulsifying potThe design needs to be based on the various parameters provided by the technology, so customers are customizing the dispersion.Emulsifying potWhen providing as many use requirements as possible, it is convenient for Dingwang staff to develop appropriate dispersion according to the parameters provided by the customer.Emulsifying potconfiguration of.

DispersionEmulsifying potThe tank body and the tank cover can be designed as single-layer, double-layer, three-layer, etc. (according to the specific requirements of the process design), double-layer and single-layer structure of the dispersion.Emulsifying potThe interlayer liner can be heated and condensed by cold and thermal conductors.

DispersionEmulsifying potThe feed inlet can be designed as semi-open, manhole and flange closed three.

DispersionEmulsifying potDispersing emulsifiers can be designed for high shearEmulsifying potwith dispersing head; high shearEmulsifying potDispersing head and low speed stirring head; high shearEmulsifying pot, dispersion head andEmulsifying pot(tank circulation emulsification) and other forms, according to the production process to choose the tank dispersion emulsification or circulation dispersion emulsification.

DispersionEmulsifying potThe control box, manhole, sight glass, pressure gauge, level gauge and nozzle can be installed according to the requirements.

DispersionEmulsifying potThe tank body is made of high quality304 or 316L material production, tank surface mirror polishing treatment, no health dead. Dingwang dispersionEmulsifying potAccording to the customer's different production process requirements on the dispersionEmulsifying potcustom production, custom dispersionEmulsifying potMore fit customer production process, improve production efficiency.