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Emulsification Technology of High Shear Emulsification Pot

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The last processing process of the products in the beverage industry is the emulsification process. The emulsification homogenization process is indispensable for the production of beverages. The emulsification process on the beverage production line usually installs high shear on the pipeline.Emulsifying potto achieve. The emulsification process, in technical terms, refers to the suspension.(or emulsion) The process of dispersing and homogenizing the dispersed phase particles in the system can simultaneously reduce the size of the dispersed particles and improve the uniformity of the distribution of the dispersed particles, so as to obtain a product with suitable storage stability.

In most of the dairy and beverage industry products, the last processing process is the emulsification process, throughEmulsifying potThe emulsification can refine and mix the pulp, juice and liquid of food raw materials.So as to greatly improve the uniformity and fineness of food, prevent or reduce the stratification of liquid food materials, increase the quality of protein adsorbed on the surface of fat globules, ease the thickening phenomenon, increase the gloss of the finished product, improve the taste of the finished product, and improve the digestibility and stability of the product.

high shearEmulsifying potIt is used for continuous production of emulsified pump body equipment, connected to the production line of the official road, non-emulsified materials from.Emulsifying potThe feed inlet flows into the pump cavity, and the emulsified material flows out of the discharge port. high shearEmulsifying potThe pump chamber is equipped1-3 sets of dual bite multi-layer stator and rotor, after connecting the power supply, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed, generating strong axial suction in the pump cavity to suck the material, and the high-speed rotation of the rotor makes the material in the narrow gap of the pump cavity It is sheared, dispersed, and emulsified to obtain the emulsified material. Installation on the pipeline of the production lineEmulsifying potCan eliminate batch-to-batch quality differences, high shearEmulsifying potThere are low-lift conveying function, smooth operation, easy to use.