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Main equipment for preparing emulsion-homogeneous emulsifying machine

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Emulsion manufacturing machinery and equipment is mainly emulsifying machine, it is a kind of oil, water two-phase mixing evenly emulsifying equipment, the current type of homogeneous emulsifying machine mainly has three kinds: emulsifying mixer, colloid mill and homogenizer. 
The type, structure and performance of the homogeneous emulsifying machine are closely related to the size (dispersion) of the emulsion particles and the quality (stability) of the emulsion. Generally, such as the stirring type homogeneous emulsifying machine, which is widely used in cosmetics factory, the dispersion of the emulsion is poor. The particles are large and rough, the stability is poor, and they are also more prone to pollution. However, its manufacture is simple and the price is cheap. As long as you pay attention to the reasonable structure of the machine and use it properly, it can also produce popular cosmetics with general composite quality requirements. Colloidal mill and homogenizer are better emulsifying equipment. In recent years, the homogeneous emulsifying machinery has made great progress, such as the dispersion and stability of the emulsion prepared by the vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine.