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Introduction of high shear homogeneous emulsifying machine grinding colloid mill

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High shear homogenization emulsifying machine grinding colloid mill is a new product of ultra-fine particle post-processing equipment newly developed by Haoxing Technology. High shear emulsifying machine homogeneous grinding colloid mill by jacket, container, filter protector, compensation device, mirror, flange, pipe fitting, temperature control, automatic cleaning can washer and new colloid mill (wet ultrafine particle mill-rotor mill-pipeline grinding pump), emulsifying machine, dispersing machine, agitator, automatic control module (or electric control cabinet), etc., only need to connect the feeding and discharging or reflux pipelines online to operate under closed conditions with high degree of mechanization and automation, A new type of ultra-fine particle grinding equipment.
    High shear emulsifying machineHomogeneous grinding colloid mill is widely used in titanium dioxide, carbon black preparation, is a special slag recycling and preparation of food grade, pharmaceutical grade high-grade titanium white.-Titanium dioxide (activated titanium dioxide), carbon black-silicon dioxide (white carbon), diatomaceous earth, activated carbon, lubricating oil, catalyst, plastic additives, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, biological engineering, modified asphalt, petroleum, polymer materials, universal glue, latex, university research institutes and other industries have achieved ideal results in experiments, pilot tests and preparation processes.