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Detailed description of cosmetic equipment automatic hose injection head machine cleaning work

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  Cosmetic Equipment Automatic Hose Injection Head MachineCleaning work

1. Through the verification of chemical detection and microbial constraint detection, it is ensured that the residue on the appearance of the equipment does not exceed the limit of the residue of the rules, and the result is verified to be within the allowable scale of the rules and will not pollute the consumption of the next category.

2. Prove that the residue on the equipment has reached the requirements by promoting the cleaning of the equipment according to the equipment protection and maintenance guidelines. Together to promote the validation of the post-cleaning period.

3. Verification content

After the end of each batch of consumption in the 3.1 verification scheme, the cleaning shall be promoted according to the "Equipment Cleaning, Application and Protection and Maintenance Operation Guidance Book. Take chemical test samples and microbiological test samples after cleaning. The microbiological test sample should be taken first, and then the chemical test sample should be taken in the near direction.

  3.2Cosmetic Equipment Automatic Hose Injection Head MachineCleaning Procedures

3.2.1 Cleaner: purified water; Disinfectant: 75% ethanol

3.2.2 Hopper Cleaning Loosen the hopper fastening screw on the filling valve body, move the hopper down, wash the hopper clean with purified water, then scrub the inner wall of the hopper with ethanol, clean it with purified water after zui, and dry it for installation.

3.2.3 Cleaning of filling head and pipeline Inject purified water, open the machine, and discharge purified water from the filling head.

After the use of alcohol, injected after standing10 minutes, the same method of recovery, and then purified water with the same method of cleaning again.

3.2.4 Cleaning of the exterior of the equipment: clean the exterior of the equipment with pure water with a clean cloth until there are no visible stains.

4, zui difficult to clean the location of the selection

4.1 the mouth of the main material is narrow, select this place to do embarrassing cleaning part cotton swab scrub sampling for microbiological verification.

The 4.2 is completely installed on the equipment, washed with 500ml of water from the hopper, and completely connected from the injection nozzle, as a sample for chemical residue and microbiological verification.

5, the selection of detection targets and determine the type of hyaluronic acid paste water dissolved function slightly soluble detergent, disinfectant 75% ethanol, purified water cleaning method first with purified water, then with 75% ethanol scrub scrub, zui then use purified water cleaning.

6. Constraint specification

6.1 appearance reflection: no visible residue on visual inspection.

Sampling 6.2 swab scrubbing method: microbial count is not more than 50CFU/swab.

6.3 Final flush water sampling: pH neutral, microbial count not greater than 50CFU/ml.