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Analysis on the Maintenance Method of Experimental Stainless Steel Reactor Control Instrument

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ExperimentStainless steel reaction kettleCan be carried out at room temperature, high temperature and low temperature reaction, easy to operate, corrosion resistance, non-stick material. With the experimentStainless steel reaction kettleWe need to understand its structure,Stainless steel reaction kettleLet's take a look at the experiment.Stainless steel reaction kettleMaintenance method of control instrument: structure and principle of control instrument:
(1) Overview:Stainless steel reaction kettleThe controller is designedStainless steel reaction kettleSupporting and design, can be rightStainless steel reaction kettleThe internal temperature, the temperature of the heater, and the temperature of the feeding tank are accurately controlled. The stirring speed is adjusted by the frequency converter and has a display table to display the stirring speed, display the working time and other parameters for comprehensive control and display. It has control accuracy. High, small size, convenient operation and other advantages are adopted by the majority of users.
The shell of the controller adopts the finished cabinet shell, and all electrical components are assembled into the panel and the bottom table for easy maintenance and overhaul. The panel is equipped with a main power switch, and the temperature control meter is made of Xiamen YudianPID intelligent program temperature control table, stirring speed adjustment by the frequency converter to adjust, equipped with motor ammeter, heating voltage meter, working time display table, stirring speed display table. The bottom of the box shell is equipped with terminals and sockets such as power supply, heating furnace, motor, temperature measuring sensor, speed measuring element, etc., and is equipped with power supply general insurance, heating insurance, motor insurance, etc.