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Leakage inspection of stainless steel reaction kettle

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   1.Stainless steel reaction kettleUnder a certain pressure, there is no air leakage, but when the pressure is high, there is more air leakage, especially between the gap between the kettle cover and the kettle body. This is mainly caused by the fact that the customer did not tighten the nut on the kettle cover during use. When the internal pressure is high, the nut on the kettle cover is under heavy force, resulting in air leakage due to tight sealing. This situation requires the customer to apply even force to the diagonal, tighten the nut firmly to solve.
   2.Stainless steel reaction kettleIf the pressure has a significant downward trend, the leak point should be checked. The method is: use soapy waterStainless steel reaction kettleEach possible leakPoint for investigation. Key inspection areas are:Stainless steel reaction kettleThe interface between the cover and the air inlet pipe, the air outlet pipe and the pressure gauge; the needle valve interface of the air inlet and the air outlet, the sealing ring between the kettle body and the kettle cover, the thermometer probe socket, etc. If air leakage is found, the pressure shall be vented first, then the corresponding leakage point shall be tightened, and then the leakage test shall be conducted under pressure. After checking that there is no leakage problem, vent the pressure,Wash the soapy water with deionized water.