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Stainless steel reaction kettle use instructions

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Mixing of low-viscosity homogeneous liquids is the least difficult mixing process, which is more difficult only when the volume is large and the mixing time is short. Due to the propelling cycle capacity and less power consumption, it is the most suitable. The turbine because of its large power consumption, although high shear capacity, but for this mixing process is not much necessary, so if used in large-capacity liquid mixing, its circulation capacity is insufficient. For the dispersion operation process, the turbine type is the most suitable because of its high shear force and large circulation capacity, especially the shear force of the straight blade turbine is more suitable than the shear force of the folded blade and the curved blade.Stainless steel reaction kettleThe thrust type and the paddle type can only be used when the liquid dispersion amount is small due to their smaller shear force than that of the straight blade turbine type, and the paddle type is rarely used for dispersion operation. The dispersion operation has baffles to enhance the shearing effect. The shell adopts standard aluminum alloy machine, and the upper cover can be pulled out backward to facilitate maintenance and overhaul.Stainless steel reaction kettleThe panel is equipped with a temperature digital display meter, voltmeter, tachometer, control switch and adjustment knob for the operator to operate. Electric principle The electronic components of the stirring control circuit are all assembled on a circuit board, and the double closed-loop control system is adopted. It has the characteristics of high speed regulation accuracy, stable speed, strong anti-disturbance ability, etc., and has perfect protection functions such as limiting overspeed and overcurrent,Stainless steel reaction kettleAdjusting speed regulation"The knob can change the value flow voltage of the value flow motor, thereby changing the speed of the motor and achieving the purpose of controlling the stirring speed. The heating circuit adopts a solid-state relay (commonly known as a pressure regulating block) to regulate the voltage to simplify the heating circuit. The heating power can be adjusted by adjusting the "pressure regulating" knob. At the same time, the control part of the heating circuit is equipped with an intelligent digital display meter,Stainless steel reaction kettleAccording to the heating temperature, all external leads are led out from the rear panel through the waterproof connector from the wiring terminals in the controller.