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Maintenance method of water separation device of stainless steel reaction kettle

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Stainless steel reaction kettleThe ratio of the charge volume to the full volume, called the charge factor, is based on the nature of the material and the reaction,Stainless steel reaction kettleThere should be different loading coefficients, such as when the reaction process presents a multi-foam or boiling state of the material coefficient can only reach0.65, when there is not much foam and the vortex is not large, it can reach 0.7~0.75, generally not more than 0.8, that is to say, the total capacity is 12m3Stainless steel reaction kettle, the charge is usuallyAbout 8m3. Water diverting device: The function of the water diverting device isStainless steel reaction kettleMost of the water and impurities are drained away, thereby improving the quality of the resin and reducing energy loss. The water distribution device is mainly composed of three parts: switch valve, mirror and pipe. Water separator: The water separator is also called the oil-water separator. Its function is to separate the mixture of solvent and water condensed by the condenser. The upper part is the solvent (specific gravity is less than water) to be recovered and returned through the U-shaped return pipe.Stainless steel reaction kettleThe water in the lower part is released in time. Although the operation of the water separator is relatively simple, the following points must be paid attention to to ensure its service life:
1, drainage should be timely and accurate, not only to avoid drainage is not timely caused by the water separator did not play the role of water, but also to avoid the solvent as water discharge caused by waste and pollution.
2, whenStainless steel reaction kettleWhen in the reaction phase, To open the communication valve to prevent the kettle from returning when there is pressure.
3. When feeding or discharging with vacuum, the return valve and vent valve must be closed to avoid pumping the solvent and water in the water separatorStainless steel reaction kettleInside.
Water diverting device isStainless steel reaction kettleOne of the important components, usually more to morePlusPampering.