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What kind of passivation maintenance is needed for vacuum emulsifying machine?

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I don't know if you 've noticed,vacuum emulsifying machineFrom the appearance point of view, it is basically made of stainless steel. In fact, it is not only the appearance, but also the vacuum.vacuum emulsifying machineThe interior of the is basically stainless steel, rightvacuum emulsifying machineThe maintenance is more about the maintenance of stainless steel materials. The passivation mentioned here is actually passivated when stainless steel manufacturers produce stainless steel.

In order to makevacuum emulsifying machineEquipment has a better equipment condition, longer service life, we need to regularly maintain the equipment according to the specification, in stainless steelvacuum emulsifying machineIn the maintenance of, there is a very important work, that is passivation treatment.

produced today.vacuum emulsifying machineMost of the use of stainless steel, such as: standard304 stainless steel, and 316L austenitic stainless steel used in industries with high sanitary requirements. After use, after cleaning, such as pickling, rinsing, water washing and other processes, the surface part of the equipment is relatively clean and very activated, especially after the production of some corrosive materials, the equipment is easily corroded in this case, and it is necessary to immediately passivate the stainless steel surface to generate a protective film to slow down the corrosion. After the surface of stainless steel is treated with oxidizing medium, the corrosion rate of the surface, especially the welded joint, will be significantly lower than that before the original treatment. In general, we use passivation paste for passivation treatment.