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This paper discusses the effect of wet powder food grade high shear vacuum emulsifying machine in the experiment.

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  vacuum emulsifying machineThe mechanical equipment for preparing emulsion is mainly wet powder food grade high shearvacuum emulsifying machine, It is a wet powder food-grade high shear that makes oil and water mix evenlyvacuum emulsifying machine.

Test the impact of wet powder food grade high shearvacuum emulsifying machineEmulsification/Multiple elements of homogenization:

1. In recent years, wet powder food grade high shearvacuum emulsifying machinehave a big move forward, wet powder food grade high shearvacuum emulsifying machineThe dispersion and stability of the prepared emulsion are excellent. Wet Powder Food Grade High Shearvacuum emulsifying machineContact with Particle Size Dispersion Particle Size Scale(micron) 1% emulsifier 5% emulsifier 10% emulsifier push mixing turbine mixer colloid mill homogenizer.

2. Temperature emulsification temperature on wet powder food grade high shearvacuum emulsifying machineThe emulsification is good or bad has a great influenceHowever, there is no strict restriction on temperature. If oil and water are both liquid, emulsification can be reached by mixing at room temperature. Generally, the emulsification temperature depends on the melting point of the high melting point material contained in the two phases, and the emulsifier variety and the solubility of the oil phase and the water phase are also considered. In addition, the temperature of the two phases should be nearly the same, especially for wax and fatty oil phase components with higher melting point (above 70 ℃), when emulsifying, the low-temperature water phase cannot be taken in, so as to prevent wax and fat crystals from being separated before emulsification, resulting in lumpy or rough uneven emulsion. Generally speaking, when emulsifying, the temperature of the oil and water phases can be controlled between 75 ℃ and 85 ℃. If the oil phase has a high melting point of wax and other components, the emulsifying temperature will be higher at this moment. Also in wet powder food grade high shearvacuum emulsifying machineDuring emulsification, if the viscosity is largeThe so-called too thick and affect the mixing, it can be appropriate to progress some emulsification temperature. If the use of the emulsifier has a certain phase inversion temperature, the emulsification temperature is also the best choice in the phase inversion temperature. The emulsification temperature also sometimes affects the size of the emulsion particles. If fatty acid soap anionic emulsifier is generally used, when emulsified by nascent soap method, when the emulsification temperature is controlled at 80 ℃, the emulsion particle size is about 1.8-2.0 μm, if emulsified at 60 ℃, the particle size is about 6 μm. When emulsified with non-ionic emulsifier, the emulsification temperature has a weak effect on the size of the particles.

3. Emulsification time wet powder food grade high shearvacuum emulsifying machineThe emulsification moment obviously has an impact on the quality of the emulsion.The emulsification time is determined according to the volume ratio of the oil phase to the water phase, the viscosity of the two phases and the viscosity of the emulsion generated, the type and dosage of the emulsifier, and the emulsification temperature. However, the emulsification time is to make the system fully emulsified and is high shear with wet powder food grade.vacuum emulsifying machineThe power of the closely linkedAccording to experience and test to determine the emulsification moment. If emulsification is carried out with a homogenizer (3000 r/min bells), it only takes 3-10 minutes.

4, mixing speed wet powder food grade high shearvacuum emulsifying machinehave a great influence on emulsificationOne of them is the effect of mixing speed on emulsification. The moderate mixing speed is to make the oil phase and water phase fully mixed. If the mixing speed is too low, the intention of sufficient mixing is obviously not achieved. However, if the mixing speed is too high, bubbles will be brought into the system, making it a three-phase system and making the emulsion unstable. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent air from entering during mixing, and wet powder food-grade high shearvacuum emulsifying machineHas a very superior performance.