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Maintenance Regulations for Vacuum Emulsion Machines

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Vacuum emulsifying machine in the use of the process will always encounter some problems, usually pay attention to maintenance can extend the service life, and reduce the occurrence of problems, so how to maintain the vacuum emulsifying machine?? Let's make a brief introduction.

1. There is no sewage on the clean floor or materials on the ground around the machine at any time. The waste formed in the production process should be collected and quickly treated.

2. Check the mixing slurry, cylinder scraper and homogeneous filter components and adjust the fastening.

3. Check whether the heating pipe and thermometer are outstanding and tighten the press wire terminals.

4. Check whether the waterway and oil circuit are leaking oil, and tighten them if necessary.

5. Check whether the connecting firmware of the machine is loose, adjust and tighten.

6. Periodic increase of lubricating oil and guide oil.

7. Check the cleaning and maintenance of the motor and deceleration and increase the differential deceleration oil.

8. Clean up the wiring and electric control box and clean and maintain all electrical components in the electric box.

9. Test the insulation between the line and the motor to the ground.

10. Make records of each equipment maintenance.