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Do not use high shear emulsifying pot without water

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high shearEmulsifying potBefore commissioning, approximately the volume of the equipment must be injected into the pot.70% of the water, absolutely can not switch the stirrer in the case of no water in the pot, in the case of no water, the homogenizing head will heat up and sinter due to high-speed operation.

high shearEmulsifying potDriven by the motor, the high-speed rotating rotor quickly bidirectionally suctions the material in the bottom of the kettle, and the stator working area is subjected to severe mechanical movement and hydraulic shear in a very narrow gap.

high shearEmulsifying potIn a short period of time to withstand hundreds of thousands of times of shear. In the shearing process, the material is split, crushed and dispersed under the action of centrifugal friction and high-speed impact in the precision gap between the rotor and the stator; at the same time, due to the strong kinetic energy of high-frequency machinery.

The viscosity of high-viscosity materials will change during the mixing process. The main function of mixing is to tear the materials to be mixed into thinner and thinner layers through shear force, so that the area size of a certain component is reduced. from high shearEmulsifying potStarting from the requirements of miniaturization and lightness of mechanical products, the design results of the reducer are in line with the design objectives by using the optimization design method of fuzzy mathematics and comprehensive evaluation.Emulsifying potfunctional requirements.