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Evaluation of Emulsion Pot

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Emulsifying potThe evaluation of good or bad is based on different physical quantities.

  1, emulsification uniformity: analysis of the physical quantity of material participation, obtained by probability theory, emulsification uniformity is determined by the type of emulsification equipment.

  2. Dead angle: refers to the physical phenomenon that materials cannot participate in emulsification in the emulsification container. The percentage of dead angle is a physical quantity to evaluate the quality of emulsification equipment manufacturing.

  3. Emulsification time: the physical quantity for evaluating the emulsification speed refers to the time from the beginning of emulsification of different materials to the uniformity requirement. The emulsification time is determined by the type and model of emulsification equipment.

Improve the permeability of the mixture to increase the output of the sintering machine, the useEmulsifying potMake small balls for sintered emulsified materials. Effective measures to improve sinter quality and reduce sinter energy consumption. UseEmulsifying potThe principle of making balls is that emulsified materials are used inEmulsifying potRoll inside into a ball. emulsified material inEmulsifying potOn the one hand, the ball is rolled into a ball and on the other hand, the ball that has been formed into a ball is subjected to emulsification.Emulsifying potInternal rolling impact damage, rolling friction damage, throwing and wrestling damage.

SuchEmulsifying potProcess parameters, liner design is unreasonable, emulsified material in.Emulsifying potThere is not only rolling but also sliding and unloading. emulsified material inEmulsifying potThe internal sliding and unloading process cannot make balls, and it has a destructive effect on the balls in the emulsified material.Emulsifying potThe optimization design is around how to extend the emulsified material inEmulsifying potwithin the rolling distance, reducing the emulsified material balls inEmulsifying potInternal impact, friction, sliding and unloading.