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Maintenance of Homogeneous Emulsion Machine Instrument

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1. This machine adopts one-way three-wire system. The required power socket specifications are 220V and 10A three-hole sockets. The sockets must be well grounded. Strictly pay attention not to connect multiple wrong grounding wires (it is strictly forbidden to lead the grounding wire to the broken absorption, water pipe, gas pipe and lightning rod line). afd1319

2. Before turning on the power supply, please carefully check whether the power switch of the speed control box is turned off and whether the speed control hand wheel is in the starting position, so as to avoid the sudden start of the machine due to the power supply, which will slowly rotate clockwise and the motor will start until it is adjusted to the speed required by the experiment.

3. The shear of the machineHomogenizing emulsifying machineThe mixing head is strictly prohibited from running away from the liquid medium to avoid damage to the bearing and mechanical failure caused by high-speed operation.

4. The working head stator of this machine should be selected according to the experimental requirements for the experiment. Low viscosity liquid mixing emulsification, small particle crushing dissolution should choose small aperture stator (5mm). Medium-viscosity liquid is mixed and emulsified, and large particles are crushed and dissolved. Medium-diameter stator (20mm) shall be selected. For high viscosity liquid mixing and emulsification, large particles are crushed and dissolved, please use long aperture stator head (50mm)

5. Steps for changing the stator: first unscrew the three M5 nuts with a wrench, remove the outer stator ring, remove the unsuitable stator, then insert the appropriate stator into the positioning step, then install the outer stator ring, install the three M5 nuts and tighten them synchronously and slightly in a balanced manner, and turn the rotor shaft by hand. There should be no periodic tightness.

6. After the machine is finished, please return the speed control wheel of the speed control box to the starting position, turn off the power switch, cut off the power supply, and pull out the plug. And timely cleaning of the various parts of the mixing head, easy to use next time.

7. The machine is stopped for a long time after use for a period of time. Maintenance and inspection should be carried out before use, especially in terms of electrical safety performance. The insulation resistance can be detected by the ohm meter.

    8. Homogenizing emulsifying machineThe brush on the electrode is a vulnerable part. The user should check it frequently. During the check, please cut off and replace it in time. Pull out the plug, unscrew the brush cover and pull out the brush. If the brush is found to be shorter6mm, should be replaced in time, the newly replaced brush should use the original specifications of the brush, and in the brush holder tube freely, to prevent stuck in the tube, resulting in large electric spark or motor does not run.

9. When using this machine, if the motor does not run, check whether the power socket has power supply, whether the connector is loose, whether the brush is in good contact, whether the rotor and stator of the mixing head are stuck, and whether the rotor and stator of the mixing head are still not running normally after eliminating the above faults. Please ask professional personnel to repair or contact the manufacturer, and do not ask personnel unfamiliar with the performance of this machine to disassemble and assemble, so as not to avoid accidents.