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Why clean the homogeneous emulsifying machine regularly

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In daily life, we should do it regularly.Homogenizing emulsifying machineThe cleaning work, because it is closely related to the use effect and service life of the equipment. If you want to extendHomogenizing emulsifying machineThe service life, to ensure its running state and work efficiency, regular cleaning work is essential, and also do the following:

The filling and sealing machine regularly cleans the surface of the machine, the bottom plate and the lower mold sliding plate, the groove, the upper mold inner pressure plate and the positioning rod(The power must be turned off and the normal temperature must be restored). The lower mold sliding plate, pillar bearing, eccentric wheel, guide post, guide rail and other transmission parts are docked regularly to ensure the performance of the machine. The method of cleaning the tooth knife: first plug the two drainage holes of the lower mold with cotton balls, pour boiling water into the groove of the lower mold until it is full, then push the lower mold slide to the appropriate position, and press the upper mold down To the lowest point, let the tooth knife soak for a few minutes until it is clean, and repeat several times.

The filling and sealing machine is composed of a cleaning part and a filling and sealing part. Its characteristics are that the cleaning part is composed of nine parts. The eccentric rocker mechanism and the sprocket combination mechanism are connected by a chain to form an integral sprocket mechanism. The integral sprocket mechanism is connected with the gear rotating swing mechanism and the heel rotating mechanism. In the gear rotating swing mechanism, the l-shaped support rod is turned over. The two sprockets are respectively installed on both ends of the plate, so that the plate, A bottle bowl chain plate rotating mechanism and a filling and sealing mechanism are installed on the ring sprocket.

Attention after useHomogenizing emulsifying machinemaintenance work. During maintenance, disassemble and clean the pistons, while removing the fixing screws, so as not to affect the technical requirements of the other piston when removing the first piston. Before cleaning the piston filling and sealing machine, the remaining product in the machine should be taken out, and then the barrel should be filled with soft cleaning fluid. The cylinder has been lubricated in the factory. Please do not open or add any lubricating oil to ensure that the surface of the sealing machine is clean and hygienic. When it does not work, the power supply will be cut off.

In addition, in use and maintenanceHomogenizing emulsifying machineIt is also regularly checked and debugged. only in this way,Homogenizing emulsifying machineIt can operate more stably.