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Brief description of the working process of the hose cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machine

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HoseCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machinePrinciple of operation:

HoseCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineSelectionPLC program control. Active tube loading, color code positioning, air cleaning of the inner space of the tube, filling of the injection nozzle deepening tube, hot gas heating of the inner wall of the tube tail, cooling of the outer wall of the tube tail (drainage circulation of the refrigerating machine), hot melt pressing and typing codes, tail cutting, and product discharge. The parameters are digitized. This machine is specially designed for the sealing and printing of plastic hoses. It has a common planning concept and is powered by compressed air. It is convenient and convenient. It is an aspiring equipment for professions such as chemical industry and medicine. It is often used for the tail sealing of ointment hoses, toothpaste hoses, aluminum-plastic composite hoses, etc. HoseCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineIt refers to a kind of equipment in which when filling materials, the pipe is in the pipe box of the equipment, actively loading the pipe, actively filling, actively heating and sealing the tail, and then the product is launched, without cumbersome manual operation, saving time and effort.!