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Cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machine to carry out trends and expectations for the future

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With the rapid development of China's shopping mall economy and the progress of people's quality of life, microwave food, leisure food and frozen food and other convenient food will soon enter a large number of families and enterprises. This directly drives the relevantCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineDemand, China's food and emulsifying machinery industry in the next period of time will maintain a positive increase in the trend. Machinery Industry Federation estimates fromFrom 2011 to 2015, the total output value is expected to break 600 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of about 16%. Therefore, it is necessary to pay the same attention as food processing and manufacturing.Cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineIndustry.

The continuous and rapid development of the food industry has brought a wide space for the packaging and printing industry to carry out the market. By product classification, China's paper packaging products production.Up to 36 million tons in 2015,Cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machinePackaging Products9.46 million tons, 4.91 million tons of metal packaging products, 15.5 million tons of glass packaging products and 1.2 million sets of emulsifying machines. It is estimated that the circular economy will become the primary form of packaging industry in the future, the recovery and utilization of packaging waste resources will be completed industrialization, green packaging materials will be vigorously developed and carried out, and the basic packaging industry will also be accelerated.