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Brief Introduction of Stainless Steel Reactor Heating Method in Short Time

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high temperatureStainless steel reaction kettleIn the chemical, chemical reaction needs to work under high temperature conditions, for differentStainless steel reaction kettlePerformance structure heating methods also have water heating, hot steam heating, other medium heating, electric heating and other options for you to briefly introduce the followingheat conduction oil heatingStainless steel reaction kettle

1.heat conduction oil heatingStainless steel reaction kettleis because inStainless steel reaction kettleHeat transfer oil can be added to heat the heating interlayer. According to yourStainless steel reaction kettleAdd an appropriate amount of heat transfer oil to the interlayer, and then provide it through a steam boiler.steam heatingStainless steel reaction kettleThermal oil in the interlayer. Heat conduction oil plays the role of constant temperature. Note that steam is another pipe, steam can not directly contact the heat transfer oil. There are spiral pipes in the interlayer, which we cannot see from the outside. In general, steam has an air inlet and an air outlet. These two ports are the two ports of the mezzanine Reed spiral pipe. You can blow and try to see which two ports are connected. After determining the air inlet and outlet, a trap should be installed at the outlet. A pressure valve is also installed on the interlayer. To ensure safe use.