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Brief introduction of the causes of safety accidents in stainless steel reactor

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1.Stainless steel reaction kettleThe system stops running and the equipment motor cannot work normally.
2. The quality of raw materials is unqualified, and the actual operation deviates from the process index.
3. Steam jacket rupture, resulting in production can not be carried out normally, and may cause personnel burns, etc.
4. Over-temperature operation. Such as temperature gauge, pressure gauge failure, or in the water circulation system failure, may causeStainless steel reaction kettleOver-temperature operation, severe boiling accidents will occur. 
5. Leakage of raw materials, damage to the main body of related equipment, leakage, resulting in fire, explosion or personal injury and other safety accidents.
6. Operator misoperation, wrong maintenance method and rightStainless steel reaction kettleThe irregular inspection of the system will lead to accidents.
7. Material issues:Stainless steel reaction kettleMost of the materials are dangerous chemicals. If the material is a substance with a low self-ignition point and flash point, once it leaks, it will form an explosive mixture with air and encounter an ignition source.(open flame, spark, static electricity, etc.), may cause fire and explosion; if the material is toxic, once leaked, it may cause poisoning and suffocation.