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Heat transfer oil stainless steel reaction kettle instructions

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Stainless steel reaction kettleWidely used in chemical, food, paint, hot melt adhesive, silica gel, paint, medicine, petrochemical production in the reaction, evaporation, synthesis, polymerization, saponification, sulfonation, chlorination, nitration and other processes of pressure vessels, the reaction pot is mainly composed of four parts: inner tank, jacket, stirring device and support seat(The belt insulation structure can be adopted according to the process requirements).
1. Always pay attention to the working conditions of the entire equipment and reducer. The reducer lubricating oil should be replenished immediately, and the electric heating medium oil should be replaced every six months.
2. Regularly check the safety valve, pressure gauge, distillation hole, electric heating rod, electric meter instrument, etc. on the jacket and pot cover. If there is any fault, replace or repair it in time.
3. When the equipment is not in use, it must be fully cleaned with warm water on the inner and outer walls of the container, and the pot body must be scrubbed frequently to keep the outer surface clean and the inner container bright, so as to achieve the purpose of durability.