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How to maintain the stainless steel storage tank

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1. The operating platform of the storage tank and the constant temperature water tank need to be painted regularly in order not to rust.
2. The stainless steel storage tank also needs to change the reducer lubricating oil regularly, its purpose is very direct, in order to increase its service life.
If the storage tank is a fermentation tank, it does not need to be used for the time being, just set it to empty it and drain all the residual water in the pipeline. 
3. The reducer oil level of the stainless steel storage tank needs to be checked. Once the lubricating oil is not enough, it needs to be increased in time.
It is precisely because the stainless steel storage tank needs regular maintenance, so the use of stainless steel storage tank is also a lot of attention. In the process of operation, we need to master its basic operation steps, check its liquid level, temperature and pressure in advance, and then check the operation procedures of the stainless steel storage tank under the condition of making itinerant inspection records, so that the life of the stainless steel storage tank can be increased.