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Operation process of vacuum emulsifying machine

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1. Check whether each switch and valve is in the original position.

2. Check whether the rolling parts such as homogeneous part, mixing slurry and cylinder scraper are safe, reliable and strong.

3. Check whether the power supply voltage, appearance and instructions are normal.

4. Check whether there is water in the heating interlayer, and do not start the machine when the liquid level is lower than the heating rod.

5. Turn on the power switch and observe whether the appearance is normal.

6. Feeding is required during operation, and mixing is required for heating.

7. Only when there are enough materials in the pot can the homogenizer be started and mixed together. The mixing speed shall be adjusted upward from zero and adjusted to the required speed.

8. If the homogenizer is found to be faulty during operation, the power supply should be turned off quickly and opened for maintenance. When opening the vacuum system, first open the vacuum control switch, and then open the vacuum pipeline valve. When closing, close the vacuum valve first, then close the power supply. When the negative pressure is 0.05mpa to 0.06mpa, open the feed valve to absorb 70% of the water. After absorbing the oil, absorb 30% of the water. And often check whether the filter is complete, to avoid debris into the emulsifying pot, in order to ensure the normal operation of the homogenizer. Emulsion pot vacuum should not be too high, generally adhere to 0.05mpa to 0.06mpa, to avoid causing water boiling.

9. It is necessary to have special personnel to guard the work buckle, and people will stop when leaving the plane.

10. Stop the machine and adjust the speed to zero first. Press the mix stop button again.

11. Turn off the power switch, check whether the water valve is closed, open the vacuum exhaust valve.

12. After discharging the semi-finished products, clean the residue in the pot with warm water and keep the pot clean.

13. Motor and pump plus smooth and fastening easy loose parts.

14. It is necessary for each shift to make records of equipment operation status and routine maintenance.